Photographic World

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Travel the world taking photographs of amazing animals to gain fame and be crowned the Wildlife Photographer of the Year in this set collection race for 1-5 players!

In Photographic World, you are racing to gain the most fame points before all the Best in Class certificates are claimed. These certificates are awarded to the first player to collect a set of 3 unique photos in the indicated class (mammals, birds, etc.) and are worth 7 fame points. Increase your set to 5 unique animals in that class to upgrade your certificate, making it worth more.

Additionally, each unique photograph you take increases your fame, as does becoming a world traveler and fulfilling commissions. You can also specialize in one or more continents to increase the value of the photos you take there.

On your turn you will assign an assistant to 1 of 3 actions (photograph, travel, or market). Alternatively, you can choose to take a rest action and return all your assistants to your supply.

Every photographer starts out with very basic equipment, training, and connections. This limits how much each action can do. Players will be working to upgrade these throughout the course of the game, making every action they take more efficient and powerful.

Will you become the Wildlife Photographer of the Year?

Great White Shark
Sri Lanka Blue Magpie
Kangaroo with Joey
Photographic World Overview Video (Old Graphic Design)

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Formerly, I was a preschool teacher and then a nanny. When my second child was born (and COVID struck), I became a stay at home mom. In the fall of 2020, I caught what I call “Back to School Fever”. I am a teacher at heart and will be homeschooling my own children when they get old enough. So, I started researching different homeschooling approaches and curriculums. Through this research, I discovered there was a thing called gameschooling. Playing board games and calling it school? I love board games! I mean, I REALLY love board games! Needless to say, I was intrigued. At this point, my oldest child was only 18 months old. Too young to play much of anything.

So what was I to do? I started Julie’s Game School. I held a small game school class each weekday while my girls were taking their naps. Each day, I had a different age group. For 1.5 hours, I facilitated the playing of board games and then documented what the kids played and the subjects they worked on while playing. I ran on donations only, and used those donations to buy more games. The children were really enjoying it, and I was too! This led into the start of my blog, where I review games and tell parents about the educational value hidden within them. I just want more parents to play more games with their kids. It’s so valuable and effective!

Throughout this process, I was having a hard time finding good science games for younger children that weren’t trivia or bingo. Trivia is not fun (in my opinion) unless you already know the information. I am interested in FUN games that have great educational potential (and aren’t painful for the adult playing). After searching far and wide, and not finding anything that satisfied me, I decided to fill that void myself. And thus the process of creating Photographic World began!

Photographic World is a game first, and an educational asset second. You should not feel like you are playing an educational game and you likely will not even realize that you are learning and strengthening your knowledge of various topics as you play. It is my hope that you enjoy playing Photographic World as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

Heading to Kickstarter Soon!

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