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What if I told you school doesn’t have to be just sitting at a desk reading textbooks and completing worksheets? That’s right, there is another way! It’s called gameschooling.

Incorporating games into your routine can make a huge difference in learning and retaining key subjects and social-emotional skills.

Here, I will give you simple tips, game suggestions by age and subject, and reviews of many games on the market that work great for gameschooling.

My Latest Posts

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  • Frida’s Fruit Fiesta
    Frida’s Fruit Fiesta is great for working on letter recognition, fine motor skills, and emotional regulation skills.
  • Dimension
    Dimension is a 1-4 player puzzle game that works on processing speed and hand-eye coordination. You have to follow many different rules at the same time to build your pyramidContinue reading “Dimension”

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