Frida’s Fruit Fiesta

In Frida’s Fruit Fiesta, players compete to be the first to get 4 letters in a row on their board. Simply, spin the three spinners, and pick which one you want to do. This introduces light strategy. What’s the best option you can make to put you in the lead? But watch out! If you spin a monkey, you lose one of your letters. Naughty monkeys!

Spin a letter, and you can take that letter fruit basket from the box. Spin 1 or 2 baskets, and you can take that many letters of your choice from the box. Spin a toucan and you get to steal someone else’s letter, but only it it is a letter you need. Remember, you spin all three spinners, but only get to pick one of them for your action.

Frida’s Fruit Fiesta is great for working on letter recognition, fine motor skills, and emotional regulation skills. After all, it’s no fun when the monkeys or another player steal your letter, but learning how to handle the disappointment and have a good attitude are valuable life skills! The children in my Game School surprised me by how well they did with this aspect of the game today. They all had a blast! You can purchase Frida’s Fruit Fiesta on Amazon.

Disclaimer: These are my honest opinions of Frida’s Fruit Fiesta. I purchased this game myself. I receive no royalties or payment of any kind for this post or the links above.

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