My First Castle Panic

My First Castle Panic is a great cooperative game for preschoolers, where you are working together to defend your castle from the goblins who are attacking it.

It may be important to note that this game is a junior version of the original Castle Panic. I have never played the original Castle Panic game, so my review is as if this were a stand-alone game, not just a stepping-stone to a more advanced hobby game.

Educational Value

  • Following Rules
  • Taking Turns
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Teamwork

Let’s Play!

How To Play

The monsters are trying to invade your kingdom. Every turn they move closer to the castle. The first time a monster gets there, the wall is destroyed. The second time a monster gets there, the castle is taken and you lose the game.

To win, capture all the monsters and throw them in the dungeon before they capture your castle. To capture them, you have to play a card that matches the shape and color of a spot on the board where there is a monster. For example, you can use the card shown below to capture a monster on any red space, such as the one by the red triangle. Turn it in and throw that monster into the dungeon!

Don’t have a card you can use? Ask another player for help! You are all on the same team here, trying to defend your castle. In my classes, this aspect has helped the kids learn to speak up and ask for help when they need it. Everyone is always more than willing, because they all want to win!

The dungeon is the inside of the box. This is a superb feature that all the kids love! Those monsters have been thrown into the dungeon quite forcefully many times because my Game School kids were so wrapped up in the theme.

The components are all wonderful and everything is still in great condition, even after countless plays!

There is a lot of fun and educational value for preschoolers in My First Castle Panic, and I highly recommend it! You can purchase a copy from Rainbow Resource Center.

Disclaimer: These are my honest opinions of My First Castle Panic. It is a game I purchased for my daughter. I receive no royalties or payment of any kind for this post or the links above.

Have questions or comments? I’d love to hear them and am here to help! Feel free to comment below or send me a private message through the Contact page.

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